CanDoo Vehicles

Trophy Truck

Meet CanDoo Racing’s star Trophy Truck affectionately named El Burro. El Burro is a Bill Savage design. The heart of El Burro started out as a run of the mill 351 Windsor that has been transformed by Layo’s Engine Builders into a stroker 454 that is anything but mundane. Transferring all that rage to the tires is a turbo 400 manual 3 speed no clutch transmission. The corners are finished off with 40” BF Goodrich Baja TA KR3 tires.

candoo racing trophy truck

Trophy Truck SPEC

Here is our Armada Engineering trophy truck spec.  It has the same capabilities as a standard trophy truck, but the division is two-wheel drive only and runs a sealed LS3 V8 525 HP engine.  The Armada also runs a turbo 400 manual 3 speed no clutch transmission and 40” BFG’s.

candoo racing trophy truck

Class 29 UTV

Our Class 29 Pro UTV Forced Induction buggy started out life as an everyday Can Am Maverick X3 that now shares little with its factory brethren. The powerplant is a 3 cylinder 900cc turbo charged Rotax pushing 200+ HP. It rides on BF Goodrich 32” tires.

candoo racing class 29 UTV

“Always learn. Learn from wins, losses, crashes, breakdowns and other people’s fouls” – Jimmy Diaz

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